No Activities being displayed

I was expecting to see activities under the activities section once my Fenix 5X Plus had synced with Garmin Explore.

Waypoints and tracks are visible in the library.

I created a new activity and watched the device sync.  It showed that it was syncing an activity which seemed to have a date and time stamp as part of the filename.  However it does not appear anywhere on the Garmin Explore App or on the Garmin Explore Web.

The activities are visible on Garmin connect.

  • Digging up an old thread here....Any feedback on this issue?  I'm using a Forerunner 935 and use the Explore App for back country skiing and hiking all the time.  The watch captures the activity and is in Garmin Connect however does not appear in my activities in the Explore App.  

  • +1, My Epix Gen2 didn't sync the activities too, waypoints and routes have synced with no problem.

  • I've got a ticket in with tech support now.  I was working with someone, but it got escalated and I haven't heard back.  I've been messing around in the Explore App and have made a few changes that I'm hoping to test this weekend.  Essentially I turned off the "Sync Everything" and selected "Sync Selection"; Then I created a new (empty) collection and selected it as the "primary collection" - the apps says new data created by my Forerunner 935 will be automatically added to this collection.  In addition, I have also turned off all the routes/collections that are in Explore App so they don't sync to my watch.  I don't have any use for these tracks on my watch so want to avoid that sync step.  I will do a quick test and report back if this works....Here's a screen capture of my current settings: