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Error Fetching List


Using a fenix 6 pro (which should be compatible)and wanted to try the Explore app (iOS). Whenever I try to pair my watch in the explore app I get “Error Fetching List”

my watch is paired to the Connect app and all activities sync without issue. Just wanted to see what the Explore app could do.

thanks :-)

  • I recommend making sure the software is up to date on the watch and your smartphone, and that the most recent versions of Garmin Connect and Garmin Explore App are installed on the phone. Also, make sure you are signed into the Explore App with the same email address as in Garmin Connect.

    This article has steps for pairing: Pairing an Outdoor Watch with Garmin Explore App

    If you're getting the error message, you may need to remove the watch pairing from Garmin Connect and the bluetooth list on the smartphone, then restart the watch and the phone, then go through the pairing process again using steps in the article linked above. 

    If it's still not pairing, please contact Product Support for direct assistance. You may be asked to send in a copy of the Explore App Logs: Sending App Logs from Garmin Explore App to Product Support