Alternative maps

Is there any way of using alternative maps with Garmin Explore, such as:


  • The Garmin Explore App is not compatible with third-party maps and you would not be able to use the alternative maps you mentioned. The only maps you can use in the Explore App are the maps that are available for download in the app. This article from our Support Center explains the download process:  Downloading Maps with the Garmin Explore App

  • Garmin, why does your explore software still suck so much for planning backpacking routes? At least give us some third party options. I thought when you bought this from DeLorme we would see some improvements, but functionality-wise I see zero, and yet you charge us $25 bucks a year just to keep our account open. Do better

  • Any news on this? Currently, both the app and the web are useless here in Norway. Please give us the option to buy, download or import third party maps.

  • Hi there, i had the same experience about the app, just bought the garmin alpha 10 here in Finland, luckily i still got the older garmin astro 320 ,8 yeas old but you can import your own regional maps that works great while hiking or hunting with pointers. You can even upload better maps for garmin fenix watch and yet they manage to bring new products that dont have support for any sensible maps here in europe. I mean what sense does it make to sell hunting handheld with phone support with those roadmaps, give us the opportunity to upload regional topo maps or even those satellite aerial photos that the explore website has, Garmin even sells those regional topo maps here in Finland atleast.