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Fénix 5X sync problem

since last week i have been problems when synchronization the Explore iOS with fenix 5X, y saw that when synchronize the waypoint the Explore iOS freeze and then the message is synchronization error, someone habe any idea such as do correction the problem.

  • the solution was hard reset, now fenix 5x work fine 

  • I also have this problem. Made a hard reset yesterday. It did not solve the problem. 

    Have a Fenix 5x. 

  • You can try various combinations of disabling/re-enabling BT on the phone (BT) and the watch (phone connection). Sometimes that jars it loose. 

    If not, check to see if it appears and syncs with Connect mobile. If not, or as a last resort, you can try re-pairing between the watch and the phone. Remove the device from Explore, remove the device from GCM, forget the watch in the Settings app on the phone, and remove the phone from the watch (if that function is available - I can't remember). Now, use GCM to pair the watch with the phone. Then add the watch back to Explore.

  • I assume you're talking about accessing the web site from your Mac, as opposed to using the Explore app on an iOS mobile device. 

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