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Explore to fenix5 Sync

What does and does not get sync with device (Fenix5) by Explore is very confusing.

If you create a new activity and a new location they go to the selected locked collection (My First Collection by default, this is OK), this seems to work OK and happy with this.

But when you allocate a location to a specific collection unless it is also allocated to the locked collection it is not synced all the time.

And ultimately the location is removed from the specific collection by the sync process if it is left in Mt First Collection, is it meant to work this way?  OR are you meant to only allocate it to a specific collection when only you want to pull it off the device?

  • I’m not entirely sure I understand the question, but perhaps this will help.

    First, the “real” waypoint, route, or whatever is in the Library collection. Other collections “point to” the real item in the Library. You can put the item in as many different collections as you like. 

    Every device has a single active collection. I believe this is what you’re referring to when you say “locked collection”. Information created on the device is sync-d to the active collection. Anything (except activities) added to the active collection from elsewhere (another device, the web site, the Explore app) is sync-d to the device.

    Each device can also have zero or more “add to this device” collections. Everything in those collections , except activities, is also sync-d to the device. The device never puts anything into those collections, though.

    The sync with the active collection is bi-directional. After each sync, the device and the active collection should agree with regard to what is in the active collection. 

    Edited to add: Items in the “add to device collections” are sync-d to the device. This does not add them to the active collection.