Re-Adding fenix 5+ again after deleted

I removed my fenix 5+ from Explore as a mistake.

Now I'm not able to add my watch again. I will be forwarded to Garmin Connect but there everything is working without problems. My fenix ist connected to Connect but not anymore to Explore.

How to re-ad my fenix to Explore?

  • Can't speak directly to Android since I use Apple hardware. However, I can tell you what works reliably in iOS. When I need to do this, I do it as follows.

    If the device still appears in the Explore app, remove it from there.

    If the device still appears in the Connect Mobile app, remove it from there.

    If the device still appears in the operating system BT list (as a paired device), remove it from there.

    Now, pair the watch with Garmin Connect mobile app first. Even if Android offers a direct way to pair with an arbitrary BT device, do not use it. Pair from with GCM instead. And even though the Explore app gives you a way to go to GCM to do the initial pairing, do not do that. Instead, open GCM manually and pair directly from there.

    Now, go to the Explore app. Tap to add a device. If Android works like iOS, you will see a list of devices that are paired with GCM but not Explore. This should include the watch at this point. Tap the watch and follow the instructions. Again, if Android is like iOS, there is also a button that says something like "Register device with Garmin Connect" in addition to the "button" for the watch. Do not use the "register device" button. Use the watch "button" instead.

    Some of this is, of course, urban lore. For example, using the "Register device with Garmin Connect" button in Explore really should work. And it might work now, for all I know. But I've had poor luck with it at various times, with various devices. So I avoid it.