Use gear from Garmin Dive in Garmin Connect Web

So I recently started using my new Garmin Descent Mk3i (which is awesome) and made a few dives.

I added all my diving gear in the Garmin Dive App (Android).

I then added the gear I used on the dives to that dive.

However, the Garmin Connect Web does not show the gear? How to fix this?

I also cannot select any of my gear from the Garmin Connect Web interface...?

All other things I edit in either Garmin Connect Web or Garmin Dive App does sync correctly.

  • Sorry spoke to soon, apperantly when adding some field in Garmin Connect Web does not sync back to Garmin Dive App.

    Fields: Starting point (from boat or shore), Current, Surface conditions and Tank Type.

    Also the Dive App crashed quite a couple of times and is slow to scroll through the dive logs.

    Anyone else experience the same?

    Note: I have my web / app in Dutch, so maybe some of the terms are called slightly different in English...