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Feature-request: add local caching of Dive-logs in Dive App

So I have an issue with the Dive App that comes with the Descent MK1 & 2. Last month I went on a divetrip to Curaçao. In order to save costs using too much data on my smartphone I turned off Roaming. When I ran the Garmin Dive app, I realized that my diving-logs are kept in the cloud, so I was not able to retrieve them, or to add new logs without turning on roaming.
I earlier went diving in the far south of Egypt, and there was no data-connection available at all, so no logging available Disappointed. Als when on a boat-trip there's no internet-connection, so no dive-logging possible!
My request: could you make Dive logging available when the smartphone is off-line? So syncing takes place after internet-connection is restored? Would be a great improvement!