Changing Historical Step Goal

Is it possible to change a daily step goal for past dates?
When I first started using my Vivosmart the Auto Goal function was selected and I didn't change.
After a weeks use I changed it to a fixed/set goal.
I've now been using it for almost two months and I'd like to go back and edit the daily step goal for a particular date as its the only date so far I haven't exceeded my goal, although I technically did as its more than my fixed step goal.
I've tried editing via both mobile version and desktop version of Garmin Connect and there doesn't seem to be an option.
Any suggestions on how you can do this?
  • I don't think it's possible. One of the stats Connect stores is consecutive days that goals are met. This would compromise that stat.

    Also, when you consider the purpose of the goal, it's motivate rather than to go back in history. Personally, I had one day a couple of months ago where I was planning a 4 hour bike ride and there was no way I was going to meet my normal step goal. I reduced my goal in advance for that day by 3,000 steps as I knew my normal goal was not going to happen. Then I put it back to normal.
  • I know this is an old thread, but I'm in the same boat. I'm so OCD that missing a step goal has completely killed my motivation. I made my step goal 43 days in a row and missed it just now at midnight because it keeps going up. EDIT: After changing the step goal downward to 10,000, I manually set the watch time to 11:00 pm, that made it think it was yesterday, then I changed it back to "auto" and it jumped forward, but now has my goal for *yesterday* as being met at 10K rather than missing 10,4XX whatever it was. That's all I wanted. No idea if that trick is reliable or only worked because of it being just past midnight, but if you're like me it's worth a try. 

  • I just tried this on my Garmin 935 and it worked.  Missed my step goal yesterday as my battery died when I was out of the house so couldn't charge it, and it missed a lot of steps.

    Today I reduced my step goal to less than what it recorded yesterday, and did a sync.
    Then I put the time on the watch to "manual" and changed it back to 23:45 and did another sync.  This somehow added todays steps so far to yesterdays total and logged the combined number as yesterdays steps.
    Then I put the time on the watch back to "auto" and reset the time using GPS, and did another sync.
    Garmin Connect then had yesterdays goal exceeded, still had todays steps so far, and it continued my goal streak.
    So then I just reset my goal back up to my usual target and winning!

  • You absolutely saved my life with this, lost track of time and missed my 237th day streak by 82 steps, this was the only comment that came up with the solution that I could see on Google! 

  • Update;
    please note that this only works for me the day after the missed goal.  
    Altering the Time only tricks the Device into thinking it is still yesterday.  
    There is no way to manually change the Date on a Garmin device, only the Time.  So, it is not possible to alter a goal that is more than 1 day ago.

  • Does this still work? Doesn't seem to for me. 

    My watch died last night at 9675 steps. 10k is my goal. Charged overnight and went for a run this morning. Then tried your steps and yeh it hasn't added any to yesterday. 

    Either Garmin fixed this, or perhaps it didn't work because I logged an activity by running this morning? Can anyone confirm if this still works? 

  • It does still work, you have to get today's steps and it should update/add them on. It's weird but definitely works 

  • So are you saying I have to actually hit the reduced step goal today for it to add on to yesterday's? So for example, today I reduced my step goal to 8k, then followed all MarkMcGraths steps and it didn't work. BUT today so far I only have about 6k steps. Are you saying if I hit 8k (or reduce the goal to something lower), THEN it will work?

    I will try and report back shortly. 

  • From memory, yes, you need to get 8,000 and it should do it, I advised a friend recently and it worked for her 

  • So far, this hasnt worked for me. Some very weird things happening to be honest. And a lot of messing around.

    So when I last posted, I was on a tracked walk. 3km or so. I finished that and saved. But the walk was nowhere to be seen. It's in my activity history on the watch, but nowhere in GC, either yesterday or today. So I went back again and followed MMs steps. This time I reduced the goal to 4000 steps because I already had like 7-8k steps from my run and walk. Synced several times but the steps would not add to yesterdays 9675. I brought the time back to auto and synced via GPS. Not only did it still not add to yesterdays, it took a bunch off today too. A 5k run + a 3k walk + another couple of small walks trying to get my totals up and I reckon I should be around 10k steps for today. But tere is now a discrepancy between what the watch says and what GC says. My watch put me back to 1700 steps. Whils GC been saying 5445 steps for a while now. The step goal on my watch is different to my phone too. 

    Whether this hasnt worked because I logged an activity before I tried all this I am not sure. My advice is be careful with this. Maybe it works, but I'm having trouble getting things back to normal now.

    Frustrating to break my streak off the back of 300 measly steps and a flat battery. My own fault I guess. I think I will just leave it all for now and see if GC and my watch right themselves. And if I broke my streak so be it. 

    EDIT: so in a final act of desperation, I decided to remove my watch from GC and re-add it. It did a sync which tok a long time, then all of a sudden it have 15k steps for today and 24k for yesterday. Weird. But yeh it seems to work when I did that. So anybody having issues like I did could try removing and re-adding your watch in GC.