Find friends (gmail address book, linkedin, imported csv, facebook friends etc.)

Now I can search by name only.

I have like 1000 contacts in my address book, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. Searching by one name at a time - doesn't sound like a proper solution.

Could you please add feature to search my social networks for contacts which are using Garmin Connect. That would be much more efficient way of getting connected.

  • With Garmin, you have to just magically know your friends garmin ID. Pretty poory executed compared to other tracker websites. Doesnt garmin want community?

    I really don't understand it. I thought that community was the whole purpose behind GarminConnect, but they make it IMPOSSIBLE to find your friends or even people in your area. It's extremely disappointing. Dailymile has been doing this for YEARS.
  • Fitbit has is it, I just figured vivofit would have it as well. I'm disappointed it doesn't have this feature! Seems like a strange thing not to have.
  • I got a Forerunner for Christmas and signed up for Connect. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to search for friends through my social networks, since every app, game, and other website seems to allow it. It's pretty unfathomable that something called "Connect" makes it so difficult to connect to people.
  • I just got a Vivofit. I had 3 Fitbits that kept burning out - all battery issues. I decided to get a Vivofit because I wouldn't have to charge the battery. Some things are better with Vivofit - there is a lot more data on my wrist, not just dots, and I like it that the Vivofit doubles as a watch. However, I can't believe how behind Vivofit is on finding friends. On Fitbit, I was told which of my gmail and facebook friends had Fitbits and I just sent them (or received from them) friend requests. How in the world am I supposed to know who has a Vivofit? Can't Vivofit do what Fitbit does and find which of my friends also have Vivofit accounts?
  • Actually, on GC they are called "connections". When adding a connection, there is a search function that works quite well (I've used it a number of times). Also, if you have an email address, ask the person what their GC ID is if you can't find it in a search. You have to have a GC account to be a connection, just like you have to have a FitBit account to be a "friend" there.
  • Does anyone know where I can find friend request that was sent to me for my garmin vivoactive smart watch?
  • How about searching by phone number? I only have phone number for the majority of my contacts.