Elevation in metres everything else in miles/feet

I decided last week to change my units of measurement from metres to miles.

I went into Garmin Connect>Settings>Display Preferences and selected Statute UK as my preferred units of measurement.
I then went into Setup>System>Units on my Forerunner 610 and altered the units there (including elevation).

After I made the changes I did 2 runs which have now been uploaded to Garmin Connect. Both activities still show the elevation in metres although everything else is now in miles or feet.

I've checked the 610 and it still says feet for elevation and Garmin Connect is still showing Statute UK for the units.

What other step have I missed to change the elevation from metres to feet?
  • I probably shouldn't reply to such an old thread... but I fly light aircraft and gliders in the UK and use a Garmin D2 as a Nav Aid and Flight Recorder, in the UK I and every other pilot, flies using Nautical Miles for distance, Knots for speed (I Knot is about 1.15mph), Feet for altitude and Degrees Celsius for temperature. It is somewhat annoying that I can't persuade my D2 and Garmin Connect to comply with UK Aviation Standards... Oh well, at least I know enough about maths to convert where I need to. We also fly at various pressure settings for elevation, including QNH (altitude above Mean Sea Level) QFE (altitude above your departure airfield) and Standard Pressure (1013 Hectopascals for flight levels). This is also difficult to achieve with the D2, but fortunately I have an altimeter in the plane and the means to calibrate it...

  • 9 years ago and nothing has changed here has it.  I can't really see Meters, ask me to judge 12ft and I'll nail it.  But silly as it sounds in the UK, I also do miles, ft, yards, deg. C, stone.  Not M or Km, not a clue.

  • You would have thought that the software designers would have bothered to find out what units are used by pilots in each country they sell to and provide a spec for, wouldn’t you? Rather than just assume everyone either follows what the North Americans, or Continental Europeans do. I note there is no reply from Garmin to this situation… I wonder why not.