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Etrex 30 temperature data

How do you view temperature data in garmin connect from etrex 30.
I have download a new route today from my etrex 30 but Garmin connect does not show any temperature data

I am running beta version of software on etrex 30 and new tempre ant sensor
  • First off I think you're using the wrong terminology. A "route", in Garmin terms, is where you want to go (i.e. a plan). A "track" or "trip log" is where you've been. I therefore assume you retrieved a track from your eTrex 30.

    Secondly if you're using beta firmware in the unit are you sure it supports recording temperature data, from a tempe, in a track log? I ask because the Oregon x50 units had a bug (since fixed) with this. See this thread.

    Oregon 450 & Garmin Tempe [BUG]

    PS: One way to check is to use BaseCamp to read the track and see if temperature data can be displayed in the track properties dialog.
  • Temperature data is shown in track log in basecamp but not in garmin connect
  • I have just got a Tempe to use with my Dakota 20. I have found that a manual GPX file upload to GC will include the temperature data (see this activity Using the Communicator plugin with GC didn't upload the temperature data neither did uploading the track to GC via Basecamp. So maybe it's the plugin not recognising the GPX extended field?
  • Did you read my previous post in this thread? There is also these threads.

    TEMPE Sensor & Dakota 20

    Dakota 20 and Tempe

    Dakota 20 with tempe problem in GPX
  • Yes I read that post, but not the Oregon 450 thread. Those other threads about the Dakota 20 all seem to say that the track GPX isn't recording the temperature data or that it is always 0.0degC. I've the latest firmware on the Dakota and the temperature data is recorded (checked with Basecamp). If I upload to GC via the plugin/Basecamp (maybe that uses the plugin too) then the temperature isn't seen in GC. If I upload the GPX file manually (by selecting the current GPX file on the Dakota's internal memory) then the temperature data is there.

    This is the latest update for the Dakota 20:
    Changes made from version 5.50 to 5.60:
    Fixed shutdown that could occur when using elevation plot while in auto-route navigation.
    Fixed date for marked MOB waypoints.
    Fixed issue writing correct temperature data to track logs.

    And here is the latest update for the eTrex 30:
    Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:
    Added Adventure support with latest version of BaseCamp.
    Added support for new tempe sensor on eTrex 30 devices.
    Improved accuracy of compass calibration on eTrex 30 devices. A new manual compass calibration is required (Setup > Heading > Calibrate Compass).
    Improved map drawing at low zoom levels.
    Improved load times for geocache descriptions.
    Improved Ascent and Descent calculations.
    Fixed issue with preserving routes imported from BaseCamp (identical maps required).
    Fixed issue with picture rotation when using the photo viewer on eTrex 30 devices.
    Fixed possible error message when disconnecting the device from a computer.
    Fixed possible issue with viewing geocache descriptions in night mode.

    The OP says that the data is in the GPX, as I can do on my Dakota 20, so it seems plausible that they can manually upload the GPX to GC and that the temperature data will be shown. Sure it would be nice if the Communicator plugin worked with the extra GPX data fields, but at least all is not lost while we wait for Garmin to fix it.
  • I've the latest firmware on the Dakota and the temperature data is recorded (checked with Basecamp).
    Ahh. I misread your previous post and thought temperature wasn't showing in BC. Also I wasn't aware of the newer Dakota firmware and fix.

    If I upload to GC via the plugin/Basecamp (maybe that uses the plugin too)...

    BC doesn't use the Communicator plugin. That's only used by web applications (i.e. within a browser) such as myDashboard. I don't use Garmin Connect but I believe that's web based too.

    Not sure why temperature data is being stripped by BC or GC/plugin but if there's a workaround then I'd just use that :)
  • Maybe the distributed software takes longer to develop/approve (well in theory) but the backend code on the GC website is restricted to a bunch of servers. I mainly use GC and Strava with an Edge 500, but do upload the Dakota 20 to GC when I've needed a mapping GPS and the Edge, used as a logger, has recorded erratic data (the Dakota is definitely more sensitive/accurate in certain conditions). The Edge has temp. built-in so the Tempe was to add this data to the Dakota just to show my cycling mates that I've being 'hard' and still getting out in freezing weather :)