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Workouts - Sorting/Folders

I love the folder feature in Training Center as it allows me to manually sort my workout types. I also have a simple method that would not require folders but does require the ability to sort my workout list alphabetically. This feature seems very simple to implement and I would love to see it. I tend to add a fair number of custom workouts when I'm training for an event.

LOVE the new workout feature so that I don't need Training Center anymore.
  • Fully agree with you, it is a mess to have all the workouts in a non desired order. I support the idea of having the possibility to alpha sort the list of workouts, in both, the workouts tab and the list that appears when adding the workouts to the calendar
  • Sorting / organizing workouts

    Yes! Please Garmin-- at minimum, make it so you can sort workouts alphabetically, but ideally make it so that you can also place workouts into folders!
  • August 2013 and *STILL* no ability to sort workouts on Garmin Connect. Seems like a simple thing to do, and yet no one at Garmin seems to care about adding this feature (or, er, ummm, *UN*doing the incredibly *un*helpful "feature" of all new workouts being added at the top of the list)
  • I've seen many people ask about this in years past, but it still hasn't been addressed and for me is a real issue.

    Garmin, could you please give us the ability to sort workouts and/or give them a filing system.

    I have created hundreds of workouts for intervals, tempo runs etc. over the past few years and lose 2-3 minutes every time I go looking for one. At the very least could we please have the ability to search for our workouts on the app?

    There is a "search for workouts" function, but mysteriously the search doesn't include the workouts you've created.

  • 10 years ago!!!!! Surely this should have been implemented by now?? This feature is the deciding factor in whether I would use Garmin as my fitness hub or another program.

  • I have no problems with sorting based on workout type or any number of data fields. So not sure if Garmin felt the need. If it's someth8ing you want, you can always request it using the Garmin Share Ideas page.

  • Still this issue in 2022. Cannot organize courses in folders....

  • Completely agree! I had a similar request and Garmin responded that ideas should be submitted through the link below. The more people do this, the higher the chances that it will be finally implemented. Fingers crossed.

    "In order to push this request to the engineers, you will actually need to submit the idea through this link: If you can, also sending the link to the forum helps boost the popularity of certain ideas, so this would be great to get as many people submitting the ideas as possible."

  • This is such a simple feature that seems intentionally left out. Maybe they don't want to have to store tons of workouts, but how big are they really, just a few textfield entries. A simple marathon plan can easily go upwards of 30 workouts and having to search in a sea of workouts when making the training calendar for the upcoming week is so annoying. Sent a request via that form, however I'm not holding my breath.