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Workouts in news feed??

Hello All,

I have been working out since the beginning of the year.  I would always log my sets of bench, curls, dips, etc on my Connect Calendar by adding a manual activity and manually putting in sets/reps/weight.  I recently discovered by creating "workouts" for each one of my exercises is exponentially faster for logging them into my Calendar.  Once a workout is created you can just drag them over to the day on the calendar and boom,  all your workouts are there.  Unfortunately, doing it this way stopped everything from showing up in my newsfeed.  Had a buddy reach out to me saying "Get back in the gym" although I haven't missed a beat.   Does anyone know if there is a way that created workouts can be seen by your connections in the news feed like all the manual activities I have added over the last 6 months?  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!



P.S.   In the attached pic you can see where I went from manually adding activities (RED)  to just dragging over my custom workouts (PURPLE)

  • When you add a workout to your calendar, that just schedules it for the day. You need to sync with your device and actually do the workout (open the Strength activity and start the workout when prompted) in order to log it as an activity.

    Scheduled workouts won't show up on your newsfeed, only actual activities (whether manually logged or logged by the device.) Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to turn a scheduled workout into a manual activity.

    Is there a reason beyond convenience to not actually do a workout on your device (your Garmin watch)? I'm mostly a runner, but I feel like for strength workouts, there's some value in tracking time and maybe HR for reps.