Calorie consumption

Hello, fenix 7 tends to underestimate the number of active calories burned in normal daily activities... personal data is entered correctly!!! What other data are used to estimate calorie consumption? 

  • What other data are used to estimate calorie consumption? 

    Especially the 7 days avg Resting HR, and the HR throughout the day. The Max HR has an influence too.

  • Being bradycardic and having 40 heartbeats at rest... this affects calorie consumption!!! any tips to improve the estimation? 

  • AFAIK, there is no option to disable the auto-detection of the Resting HR, so you would have to avoid wearing the watch at rest. In contrary, you can disable the auto-detection of the Max HR, sou you could set the Max HR much higher, which should make the watch thinking you do not work that hard, and hence burn less Calories.

    However, that would skew also other metrics, like the LTHR detection, VO₂max calculation, Training Effect, etc., so it is not something I would recommend to do. Rather just live with the data you get, watching for trends, and not for absolute values. If you really want to know how many Calories you burn, make a lab calorimetric test, compare the results with the values you get from Garmin, and then you'll have a better idea how to evaluate the data.

  • I could LOWER my fcmax...since underestimating calories burned is the problem, or lower my zones 

  • Ah, you have bradycardia not only at rest, but also during workouts? Then yes, you should adjust the Max HR to your true Max HR.