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Weekly Steps Challenge

Dear Garmin. What is the point of the weekly steps challenge if there is no reward. May I suggest: give a point to each person who reaches the particular quota (eg if one is in the 95k challenge, give a point to each participant who reaches 95k) and give 2 points to the winner. Thank you for your consideration to this matter.

  • Garmin almost never answers, but I will. I think the point and the reward is the sense of accomplishment for reaching the goal. It's try, it could just give you the numerical goal without putting you in a group with Some people will try harder because they see other people succeeding, and others will try harder because they are beating someone.

    I think most people don't even notice that they are in a group. I wondered if they were even real people, but sometimes they answer my comments.

    If you are ever in my 95k step challenge, I will give you your points, for sure.