Forerunner 45S GPS inaccurate

For a while I had the problem that the GPS wouldn't connect. I found the solution here: delete a certain file and sync with garmin express. 

Now, when I'm outside, GPS connects, but when I do a 5k run, it says I just did a 3k run. It's very inaccurate. How to fix this?

  • Anything I can do? I synced with Garmin Express but that's not the solution. I run in normal territory, no tall buildings or dense forrest. 

  • I there another channel where I can get support?

  • Wrong distance at an activity is often not a problem of the GPS, but rather of the algorithm Garmin uses for estimating the distance. If the GPS did not work, you would see great deviations on the activity track map.

    Calibrated distance is derived from the accelerometer & gyro (if available), and it often overrides the distance reported by GPS. So if your watch is not properly calibrated, it will report wrong distance. Unfortunately the only way to recalibrate the watch is by performing the master reset to factory defaults. It is much simpler if you use an external sensor, such as the HRM-Pro or the RD Pod - there is much better control over the calibration in the settings of the sensors.