Adding chest strap data to Garmin connect when not wearing the watch (eg. Boxing, MMA)

I would like to upload workout data (time, HR) from my myzone chest band onto the watch / Garmin connect. Specifically for workouts where I can’t wear the watch like boxing but I can wear the HR chest strap. Any ideas?

  • Wearing a chest strap at boxing and at other contact sports, is more dangerous than wearing the watch, so I discourage you from doing it. Dangerous for both you and your oponent. No reasonable trainer will allow you wearing a chest strap, not speaking about official events at all.

    For workouts where you train without an oponent, you can start the activity on the watch, wear the strap, and let the watch nearby, so that it stays connected to the strap (the ANT+ reach is minimally 3m).

    Alternatively, you can wear the watch on the ankle (unless you do kick boxing). Works fine too.