importing the correct time and weight.

How can you also transfer the correct time when importing health data (weight, BMI, fat)?
After the import there is always only automatically 1:00 AM in Gamin Connect no matter what data you have entered.
This is completely meaningless in terms of data.

What format must the time information have so that it works?

  • You cannot, the time is fixed at the data import. And frankly told it does not really matter, taking the weight once a day (best always in the morning before the breakfast) is fully sufficient. Multiple daily values won't appear on the graphs anyway, so the time of the entry is rather irrelevant.

  • If the time is irrelavant, then no time should be recorded and stored in the database.
    An invented time like 1:00 o'clock AM is data base-technical insanity and/or Nonsense.
    Who comes up with such absurd ideas?!