acute training load not updating on connect web

since a little over a week connect web (and therfore garmin connect on my androidphone)  does not show acute training load anymore. for my edge 1040. On the device itself it does show the correct data. And the activities are uploaded and also visible in connect web?  

If you look at my screenshot you can see what I mean. 

acute trainingsbelasting (acute training load) stops (as does the training status) but you can see there are activities done (with plenty of effort also) 

then on my forerunner 955 solar it's the other way round. There I suddenly  was missing acute training load from 25-12-2022 until 06-01-2023??? (also in spite of continueing training.)

Anyone have this same problem? 

Or suggestions on what tot try to fix this?

I've tried, changeing a fit file just al little and upload again, restart device, resync, reconnect to phone and wifi, 

my edge is on firmware 16.04 since yesterday, I do not know yet if this might have resolved the issue.

thx in advance