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2FA is killing my 3rd party integrations.

Hello, I recently bought my son a Garmin Bounce watch, and using it with the Garmin Jr app required me to set up 2FA on my garmin account. I do appreciate this from a privacy standpoint, but now I cannot use my Garmin login to integrate with 3rd party apps and services. Specifically, I've tried RunGap and SyncMyWorkout, and neither works because 2FA is turned on.

Is there a way I create an additional login I can use for integrations? Or is there some other way to let 3rd party apps push and pull data to and from Garmin?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help!

  • Need some help on this one as well.  Was curious about the ECG tab in the application and enabled 2FA to take a look.  Now I have an integration broken, and Garmin support said they are unable to disable 2FA.  They have sent it over to engineering to take a look.  Either an App password or being able to disable would be great.