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Can Garmin Connect automatically sync with Polar Flow via Strava connection?

If not, any alternative ways to sync them automatically?

I prefer the layout and cleaner UI on POLAR Flow when compare to Garmin Connect. But the Garmin watches works better for me overall. 


  • Garmin Connect does automatically sync to Strava, so if Strava also syncs to Polar Flow, then the answer is yes.

  • I understand that Strava will definitely get feeding data from both Polar and Garmin, but will Polar pull data from Strava? or does that just sending data TO Strava, but not pulling data back?


  • Polar pull data from Strava?

    You better look at Polar. This is a Garmin forum, so most people here know nothing about Polar. If you are lucky, perhaps someone familiar with Polar comments later, but you'll get the answer much faster when you ask at Polar (or at Strava).

  • Thanks. 

    just noticed there isn’t a Polar forum. Will see if the support there can answer my question. 

    welcome any input from other Garmin users as well. 

    [update] got a verification from Polar Twitter. They said the Strava <-> Polar Flow link is just one way, Polar flow feed data to Strava