Zwift sync broken

For two days now my zwift activities have not been automatically synced to Garmin. Sync to Strava is working fine. 

I disconnected from zwift and connected again today but haven't yet tested after that.

  • I just jumped over here from the Zwift forums since the same my ride didn’t sync tonight.  There are numerous posts starting to show up on their forum so I’m hoping we see resolution in the very near future!

  • In case you were not aware: as a workaround you can manually import the activity to Garmin. But yeah this should absolutely be solved very fast!

    For Garmin team: my activities were done with a MacBook.

  • For Garmin team: my activities were done with a MacBook.

    I suggest contacting the Support for quicker processing. This is mainly a user forum, where Garmin intervenes only quite rarely. I do not know though, whether it is a problem at Garmin or at Zwift, so you may try contacting Zwift too.

  • Likewise, however; just noticed the activity and all associated data WAS in Garmin Connect

  • I have raised a ticket with both Zwift and Garmin and I suggest everyone does the same to get this resolved.

    I have done some investigating and (in my case) I cannot even load the FIT files manually as Garmin detects a problem (this is also what is stopping the auto sync). It appears that Zwift is creating FIT files with local_timestamp set to 31/12/1989 and Garmin sees an issue. I can correct the issue with Fitfiletools corrupt timestamp tool and then it will upload. Before any asks - my device has the correct time set on it.

    So either Zwift need to fix the FIT file timestamp or Garmin need to relax the checks (the FIT files upload to other sites with no problem). The way to get them to do this is for everyone to raise a ticket.

    To see if you have the same issue:

    1. Download one of the unsynced activity FIT files from ZWIFT.

    2. Upload it manually to Garmin Connect - if you get an error you also have a similar issue.

    3. Run the file through the fitfiletools corrupt time fixer -

    4. See if it now uploads - if yes, then you do have the same issue.

    5. You can view the fit file with a fit file viwer tool - look at local_timestamp to see if it has a sensible value.

    If so then please raise a ticket on both Zwift and Garmin and also post of the Zwift forum - under bugs (search for Garmin sync) - the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  • For me the issue was already resolved and the sync works as expected.

    According to Garmin customer service the issue was fixed by Zwift. I don't have any more details.