Blank page on daily summary


I have a problem when I would like to show daily summary on a long date (like 2020-03-07 for example). I've a blank page.

I've already try to clean cookies and cache, and disable ad blocker, without success. I think it's a bug in the source code.

  • On closer inspection it looks like a mismatch between the app and the api.

    App is expecting a data object where the api has returned a null.

  • Not sure I understand.

    I will try to disable some stuff that Trusk said could be the problem but I won’t start to reinvent Garmin. If I have to recode the whole thing, It will be easier to just stop using it.

  • In  a nutshell, the daily summary is rendering data from all different types of metrics. It's getting to a certain metric, and because we don't have any data for that metric, it throws a hissy fit.

  • Found the offending code block:

    It's trying to get (find) the deviceId that recorded the most recent training load balance.


    if (function(e, t) {
    return e.mostRecentTrainingLoadBalance.recordedDevices.find(function(e) {
    return e.deviceId === t

    But of course, for me, recordedDevices is null. So, it's effectively calling the find() function on a null object, hence causing an exception.

    Training Load Balance isn't supported for my device, which is why I have no data for it.

  • It's been fixed!

    Looks like they're now seeing if the mostRecentTrainingLoadBalace.recordedDevices returns a valid data object before trying to get the deviceId.

    var a = e.mostRecentTrainingLoadBalance.recordedDevices;
    return a && a.find(function (e) {
        return e.deviceId === t