No intensity minutes from Tacx trainer app?

I used to get intensity minutes from a ride using my Tacx Flow via the Tacx app, but the last couple of rides have showed either a very low number (9 minutes for a session that was more than an hour) or none at all. I only record the ride via Tacx, although I'm wearing my Fenix 7 pro solar. Does Tacx not support intensity minutes any more?

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  • I'd tell that the intensity minutes you were getting came from your F7, not from Tacx. I never heard that the Tacx app would support IMs. If you do not get any IMs now, then possibly your avg Resting HR is too high (that happens easily if you do not wear the watch while sleeping). Check your Resting HR in Garmin Connect, and then have a look at the HR during the ride, to see whether you surpass approximately 150% of the avg. RHR. Fenix 7 does not require 10 continuous minutes any more, but if you happen to have an older firmware on it, it would be another condition.

  • My Fenix doesn't register my heart rate via the optical sensor while I'm using the HRM Pro and it's not recording an activity. I have prior Tacx activities with intensity minutes logged accurately despite not logging the activity directly through my Fenix. My resting HR is fine, and I wear the watch 24/7 except when charging. Tacx used to log intensity minutes. Something has changed.

  • I always have the same issue with Tacx app and mine F7. Readings that's I getting with optical sensor on fenix and chest HRM in tacx app dramatically different, like 70-100 on fenix when its 150-180 in tacx app, I got only correct readings (and getting intensity minutes) when i start indoor activity on fenix while riding tacx. After ride I just cancel activity on fenix and saving one on tacx app. This is the only way I found to get intensity minutes from training on tacx app.

  • On my VA4 I broadcast the HR and the Tacx app picks up the HR, that way I see it in the activity app when Tacx transfers it to Connect. Make sure it shows in the device settings as ANT+

    I get intensity minutes even if I don't do that because the watch calculates those minutes without an activity running. If I don't start an activity and go for a fast ride around the block a couple of times, it will still calculate intensity minutes.

  • Hi, same problem here too. 
    I recently started training with tacx neo bike using the tacx training app.
    I start the training through this app and using an HRM PRO as a heart rate banger I have all the data.
    When I have completed a workout, the workout uploads to the Garmin Connect app.
    That's going well. However, the tacx training is not regarded as intensive minutes.
    All other training sessions, other than Tacx training, are going well. My Fenix ​​is ​​set as the main activity trigger and that should be fine.
    I don't think it's necessary to start a workout via a watch. I've been waiting for it for two weeks now.
    The number of intensive minutes of training is not corrected.
    What goes wrong here? I have a goal per week and I would like to keep track of it.
    You'd expect both to be Garmin's apps that the data would stay the same.
    Does anyone recognize this problem or know a solution? Thank you in advance!
  • oes anyone recognize this problem or know a solution?

    You need to wear a device supporting the feature of Intensity Minutes, since it is the device calculating the IM, not the app.. That's a known condition.

    See more details in the document How Are Intensity Minutes Earned? | Garmin Customer Support 

  • The advice I got from Garmin support was to pair my HRM Pro with the Connect app on my phone (add as a device). When it syncs, I get the intensity minutes. This seems to be working fine. I don't see any duplication of the training session, just accurate IMs. Hope this helps!

  • Thank you for quick response.
    I wear a fenix 6x pro watch as a supporting device. In addition, I wear a garmin hrm-pro during the (tacx) training.
    The tacx training is also reflected in the watch and therefore also in garmin connect. The strange thing about this is that I did indoor training with another brand (Elite) and then garmin connect did count the number of minutes of intensive training.
    I see in the link you sent that it should be possible. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  • Thank you. I will try to disconnect and then connect the garmin HRM pro again with my phone. Maybe this will help.

  • Another possibility is connecting the HRM-Pro to the watch (you can do it simultaneously to the trainer or Edge), starting an activity on it (otherwise the watch would not read the HR from the HRM strap), and at the end discarding the activity on the watch, instead of saving it. In this way you will have accurate HR and IM data in Garmin Connect without any duplicates. And it works even if you do not won the HRM-Pro and rather use another type of HRM strap not capable of recording IMs or connecting to Garmin Connect.