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Heart rate zones when not using a Garmin Device (Zwifting for instance)


I am using a Fenix 7s as well as a Garmin Edge 1040 for my workouts. I saw that inside Garmin Connect, I have to set heart rate zones for each of my devices independently (so it would be possible to use different zones on different devices). It therefore appears that the heart rate zones are not locked to the my Garmin Profile but to my devices.

When training inside, I use a Tacx Neo 2T on Zwift and I am not using my Fenix or Edge. My Zwift workouts are then synched to Garmin Connect as well as Strava. As I am not using any of my devices (which store the heart rate zones independently), I was wondering where Garmin Connect takes the heart rate zones from in that case.

Many thanks in advance!