Connect Power Curve numbers seem off

Recently I have noticed the connect power curve for individual rides does not reflect the power info collected from my Garmin head unit. For example, the other day I hit the lap button and averaged 246 watts for 48 minutes (within a 127 minute ride) however the the power curve for the ride shows.

20min = 247watts

30min = 232watts

60min = 216watts

120min = 197watts

The overall ride of 127mins displays an average of 214watts recorded with a 4iiii power meter and an Edge 510 unit.

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  • It is explained in the document Garmin Connect - Average Power and Max Average Power Difference:

    These values are calculated in different manners and may seem to be conflicting.

    Average Power
    The Average Power metric is calculated only during the time the Timer on your device is running.

    Max Average Power
    The Max Average Power metrics are calculated for the entire elapsed time of your activity whether the timer is paused or not. Any time the timer is paused will be calculated as 0 (zero) power for that time.

    So the global average may be higher than the max averages, because it excludes the pauses (whether manual or auto)

  • Thanks, that makes sense and I did think elapsed time would maybe account for some of the differences. For the 20 minute max (within the 48 min lap) and the 48 minute average to be almost the exact same does seem a bit strange to me though. Perhaps I just got very unlucky with traffic lights.