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Course search function not showing me any local courses

Starting a couple days ago the "Nearby Courses" tab lists courses that are countries and even continents away from the portion of the map shown. I see this behavior on both Garmin Connect Web and on Gamin Connect for Android.

For example I'd be looking on map of Israel and get listings for courses in Dallas, TX and South Carolina.

Something in the "nearby" calculation has gotten awfully wrong.

Anecdotally, it was working fine 2-3 days ago.

  • Same issue for me across both web and app despite browser refreshes, cache clearing, etc. Most courses that are shown to me are in Germany, but I'm in the US.

  • Happening to me too and going away for a few days soon and gonna wanna use it.What are Garmin doing about the problem-anyone know?

  • same for me and was driving me nuts!  Glad isn't just me and hope Garmin sort it sharp!

  • Same.  Garmin Connect Web.  Multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome).  Nearby Courses list pulls from larger database than what's currently on the map.  e.g. if sorted by distance/longest, you'll see the longest public courses available, anywhere in the world.   Zooming in does not update the results list to that area.   No blue icons show anywhere on the map for shared courses.

    Another thing I'll add that I haven't see noted here as much:  If zooming back out on the map, I do, very briefly, see blue icons for shared courses in the newly visible/zoomed out area.  These immediately disappear--you can't zoom into them, click on them, etc.  Not sure whether they're in the results list or not.

    It seems clear this is an issue on Garmin's side; please address this ASAP.  Thank you.

  • This was quietly fixed by Garmin after about a week.

  • All,

    I can confirm there was a change made roughly one week ago resolving this report.  If you are still experiencing this issue, please start a new thread.