Track weight progression of a specific exercise over time

Dear all, 

Just picked up a Garmin Epix (gen2) and I absolutely love it. I really like the idea of having all my fitness information in one ecosystem and not fiddling around with syncing/other apps.

Besides running I use my watch to track my fitness workouts. I program these workouts myself via the web interface and I love it. Basically I put in a 5x5 workout routine or variations thereof. So far so good, workouts are tracked logging both weight and reps. 

But now I want to do a seemingly very simple thing, see how one of my lifts has improved over time in weight. Basically information that is logged during the workout. There seems to be a function that can generate a report stating the volume over time, great, but I really want to see how my 1RM progresses. Am I missing something here or is this basic functionality not there? Seems the data required to make this graph is there? Just take the max weight lifted and plot it over time?

Hope one of you has an answer. Would greatly improve my experience with the app. 

  • Hope one of you has an answer. Would greatly improve my experience with the app. 

    Well, you can suggest it to Garmin at Submitting an Idea to Garmin, but as a workaround you can change the Exercise Name of any of your max attempts to a dedicated name (you can select whatever exercise name you otherwise do not use), and then you will indeed see the progress graph over time in the Reports section of GC Web.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly suggest it at the designated link. 

    Although I see your workaround as an option (thank you for suggesting it!), it also seems like a lot of hassle for something that is so seemingly easy. 

  • +1, it is must have for weightlifters.

  • Sadly its not there, and that volume graph is useless since number of sets affects that. And training with a low weight will give you a high volume of moved weight while training with heavy weights will give a lower volume. So no actual evaluation of strength there.

    Also bad: when you scroll through different time frames its always resetting your selected exercise. And as time frames get bigger its adding up the volume of close by workouts into one graph increasing volume (because you get the volume of multiple days in one spike) and making this evaluation even more useless.

    That's what a strength training evaluation should look like:
    Garmin has the data, its time to do something with it.

    Reality is I'm stronger now than ever and moving heavier weight. That spike in the beginning is probably just more trainings with less weight in closer intervals (maybe did a higher number of sets back then too). You can also clearly see that by the ridicules amount of weight moved that this is combining multiple workouts. I'm not moving 6 tons per exercise. This thing is totally pointless.

    That's what the real volume graph looks over at without combining several days/workouts into one datapoint.