What are the number of points needed for Levels from challenges/ badges?

Please can Garmin publish a list of how many total points are  needed for each level as well as how many points to the next level.

Also I have heard that there are now 10 levels, can you confirm this?

Has anyone tried to keep track of each time they get a new level and the points to the next level? If so we can workout a few of the numbers.

  • Probably they just wanted to solve it once and for all in easy way. Earlier there were complaints that max level was reached and more are needed.

    Sure, it could be made more engaging, some suggestions were made on the forum, but it would take more effort to implement.

  • I agree with you, seems like the easy way out, they could have been more creative or made the levels more engaging. Really not done well at all Garmin.

  • If you cycle, run, and walk you can achieve level 7 in less then 2 years, I started in 2019, and will achieve level 7 sometime next month.  This program for me is an awesome motivator!

  • It is motivating to attain new levels - since 2019 you've gone all the way to 7 - it's attainable if you're active. Once you get to 7, you won't reach 8 until you get double what it took you to get to 7. Then, from 8 to 9 is double THAT amount. By your estimation, you're years away from reaching another level, and years and years away from the one after that. As motiviation goes, after you hit 7 it's less of a useful tool.

  • So, for you it would be better to reach the level 10 within 2-3 years with just some walks? I find that getting the top ranking should stay a really hard challenge not accessible to everyone, and should be increasingly more difficult to achieve (just as it is now), otherwise there is no value in it, and no motivation.

    If you need continuous new awards, then just ignore the levels, and watch the points instead - you can make them increase practically every day relatively effortlessly.

  • nope, not expecting that. I just expect that Garmin encourages also the other sports…like skiing, snowboarding, XC, hiking, climbing. sorry if I can’t do yoga when outside is snowing :))

  • Sorry for any misunderstanding. I've made my way to level 6 relatively quickly, through hard-earned effort - I run at least 5K a day, average 20K steps, and participate in whatever challenges I can. It's been fun to do this AND go from one level to the next. Once you get to 7, the math changes, and it's not attainable. I don't require an explanation to "why I need to understand how this works", but thanks.

  • Once you get to 7, the math changes, and it's not attainable.

    The math does not change. It is always the same from the level 1. Each time you reach one level, you need about the double of the points for the next one. It means if you achieved level 6 relatively quickly, you will reach the level 7 relatively quickly too. And once you reach the level 7, it will take you about the same time that you needed from the level 0 to 7, to get to the level 8. I see no reason why it should not be attainable. 

  • if you mean that the math is consistently exponential, then let's agree and leave it at that.