What are the number of points needed for Levels from challenges/ badges?

Please can Garmin publish a list of how many total points are  needed for each level as well as how many points to the next level.

Also I have heard that there are now 10 levels, can you confirm this?

Has anyone tried to keep track of each time they get a new level and the points to the next level? If so we can workout a few of the numbers.

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  • Currently i'm at level 5 and expecting to reach level 6 at the end of 2023. Just did the math myself and indeed... Level 10 is light years away... It can be reached but only if you start at a young age and get awarded all available badges plus all the montly available badges consistently... for the next +40 to 50 years. Questioning myself... Does it really matter? Do i care? A few lucky onces have to be the best of the best, right? If i get stuck at level 6 and never reach level 7. The least thing i can do is gather as many points as possible and keepi outworking the people i'm connected with :-)

  • I agree.  It’s there as a personal incentive for me with, as you say, outworking a few connections!  The system could be better; it would be nice if some of the monthly badges were a bit more interesting (total ascent across all activities etc, I bet this group could suggest some).  Rowing (and other disciplines - mountain biking) could (should!) feature.  More (some, any!) local badges in Canada.  Why isn’t 100km on a bike repeatable?  But, it has got better, let’s hope it continues to!

  • +1 On repeatble 100Km bike ride MIDNORTON.

  • They should have badges beyond 60 day repeater for people who make there step goal. Like 6 months, a year, 2 years etc. It's pretty deflating to make your step goal for a year and get the same reward as making it for 60 days. 

  • Its not beyond Garmin to introduce more challenges

  • For the guys living in the mountains could introduce Hiking, Climbing, the XC, Ski, Snowboard, BC Slight smile

    But what I can see with Garmin, the focus is only “town” people… If you live in the mountains, you’ll look slowly at Suunto 9.

  • And yet you get the points added every 60 days which add up to 48 points a year.

    "deflating" how? will you stop walking?

  • I am at 5, well on my way to 6. I might just claw my way to 7, barring unforeseen illness, but I will surely not reach 8 unless "Challenge Inflation" kicks in, and they start tossing out challenge points like candy. 

  • but I will surely not reach 8

    And what is wrong with it? Or do you think that every Garmin user should have the level 10 after a year or two (or ten)? Or should the level 10 stay reserved for the best of us, and for the most dedicated athletes? Personally, I feel the second case is more just. Wink

  • Then just run another 250 ultra 50K's after earning all 250 of the marathon badges.  Candice Burt has set a goal of 200 50K's in 200 days, she is on day 163 today, April 16, 2023 (she has run at least 32 miles a day for 163 days in a row is absolutely amazing)!  A quick 1600 points for her in just over half a year...   ;-)  My goal is to hit level 6 before the middle of the summer (now that the expeditions are available).  I am 60 now and started this whole Garmin badge thing too late, but level 7 will be in my sights next.  I think level 8 might be doable as well.  Some devoted athletes in their teens and 20's will hit level 10 in their lifetime.

    250 marathons, 250 50K's, and 250 century rides gives you 6000 points!