Garmin Connect lost details of my older runs

Hello Everyone, 

I recently got a new device after my  ForeRunner 405CX  broke after 10 years.    I have been using Garmin connect for many years my first recorded run on Jul 11 2007 with a Forerunner 50  then with a  405CX  since  Dec 24 2011   and now   45S  since  Oct 27 2021.  

Curiously  All the activities since Jul 23 2020  seem to have lost all the GPS & Map data.    Everything was fine when I loaded them.   I am not sure but I think this happened around the same time I switched to the 45S on Garmin Connect.   

Any thoughts on what's going on here?   Any way to recover these, considering, obviously,  I don't have the original data set ?

Also  now Garmin Connect is trying to reset all my PR scores  to be applicable to runs since  Oct 27 2021, as though it has forgotten all my good years!    I haven't accepted so they are still good.  Any idea what's going on here?

Thanks in advance.