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Training status is not showing up aswel as no Vo2 max


I noticed now that no records have been made to my training status. Also no VO2max but the training load is recorded. also the VO2 max in my EDGE830 is changing so there is nothing wrong with that it is just not syncing good. I already tried syncing with Garmin express but also no luck.

Also Mobile connect has the same by the way.

Does anybody know how i can solve this, without losing data?

Thanks in advance

  • No answer for you, but I do have a similar problem. I’ll post solution here if I’d find one.

  • I got a very similar problem today, except that there is a VO2max value for today, but the one from yesterday is missing. Also the numerical value of the 7-day training load for today (as listed  on the top right of the 7-day plot when you load the page)  seems to be correct, even tough the last two days are not plotted. I suspect it is a bug in Connect.

  • For me the numerical values on7D-load are incorrect and don’t match between Watch and Connect. On top of that the training status widget has disappeared completely from connect. It is still available on the watch. In connect it is accessible through the more-menu > exercise statistics, but the numbers don’t match for those also. It’s quite a mess really.

  • The training status widget in connect/android also disappeared for me. I called Garmin support (Australia) and they acknowledged the problems and said they would contact Garmin engineers in the US, so hopefully it will be resolved...

  • So it looks like a bug indeed in Garmin connect. Now i am curious how long it will take for Garmin to fix this issue

  • I have contacted Garmin support and some issues in this area are already known (related to Garmin firmware19.20).

    They are seeing into it.

  • Same issue for me, from October 5

  • it seems, the training status is missing since 6th of october in Garmin Connect Web, i don't understand that Garmin Connect Web have a lower version number then Garmin Connect iOS, they restored a older version in Web or Servers not synced in cloudflare?

  • It seems to be working again but not completely perfect yet. now as from this morning my data from my scale isn't pushed to my Garmin Connect!

  • This issue has now been resolved in both the web version of Garmin Connect, as well as in the mobile app.  If you are still experiencing this issue, please start a new thread.