Add push ups activity manually with sets and so on

So I run and stop and do push-ups, using a own training set up with interval, and push lap when done.

but I also want to document the push-ups.

but how do I do that?

  • If your watch got the function multisport you can switch to strength and then back to run. Then you just add the pushups to the strength activity if it isn't identified automatically.

    An other way is to add a manual strength activity with the pushups.

  • I have FR 945, so i should have Multisport, i will check that out. thanks. No VO2max on that i guess?
    I did try to manual add a strength aktivity, but i culdent find how to document it as pushups and how many and so on.

  • Yes. 945 got multisport.

    VO2 max is only for running, walking and cycling (a power meter is required).

    You add the exercises after you've created the activity.

  • Yes i found it in the watch, no activity or app I had to add. By something already there like interval. I will look in to it.

    Do you use it? Is it just to start that one and then pause and you can add strength for instance, and it might count my reps, and then I can start a run again and so on?

  • I've set a hot key for "Hold Start" to "Change sport", so when I want to switch activity type I just hold the start button until the list with activity types is displayed and switch to the new activity. No need to click stop or anything. So, start a run, switch to strength and then switch back to run. That will create a multisport activity with all the activities in the same activity.

    Do some tests and see if that works for you.

  • Oh that sounds interesting.
    cus I’ve been testing a bit now and I can’t choose strength to “build” up my new activity, on the watch, only a lot of other things.
    so I chose “other” for now, but I don’t think I did it right. But if I get it right, and manage to get it as you said, I can switch to strength from run, and the pace from the run won’t still be ticking then. And I might even get counted reps on my push-ups then?

  • The workouts can't be created as multisport and if you choose Other you can't start the workout from the run activity.

    Do you need to create a workout? You can set a time or distance alert in the run activity if you only need time or distance. If you need more advanced guidance a workout is what you want. You can start a workout, but it will probably end when you switch activity type and if you want a workout for the next run segment you will have to start the workout again.

    When you switch activity the previous activity ends and a new one is started. If you do run, strength, run it will be 3 activities in one multisport activity.

    I often bike to a place and then do a run at that location and then bike home in one multisport activity. See one of my activities:

    It is best if you do a test activity and just see how it looks. Start a run and after a few seconds you switch to strength, do a couple of pushups and then switch to run for a few more seconds. Save and sync and see how it looks in Garmin Connect.

  • Ok, so i start a normal ”run activity” and then switch, but I have Garmin pay as long press on my start  button. Not that it that important.

    But if I don’t have a short key as you have where do I change activity?

    I usually solve these stuff, I’m having some trouble to read something about this on www.


  • Set another hot key like Down+Start (I got Garmin Pay on Down+Start and Switch Sport on Hold Start).

    You can change sport the "normal" way: Hold up, press down 2 times to Change Sport and then press Start

  • Thanks, I’ll try this.

    Btw, we live close, it’s a small world. :)