Polar activity Equivalent

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I've used a Polar M430 for a couple of years, and have been interested in using Garmin for the additional features (positional data, better alert management and navigation).  I’ve bought a used Fenix 3 HR and am pretty please with it, but have one question regarding the data analysis via the Connect app.  Polar have an overall ‘activity target’ for the day, which comprises all activities and workouts etc.  It’s very simple, and give you a constant monitor (percentage-wise) of how far you are from reaching your goal.  Is there any way to replicate this with Garmin Connect?  I only see options to set targets for steps, stairs and active minutes, which isn’t really the same thing.

Thanks in advance for help and advice.

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  • On my mind, the best indicator showing you how active you were during the day are either Intensity Minutes, or better perhaps even the Active Calories. You can then set a weekly goal for the IM, or a daily Calories goal (over MyFitnessPal), and you can add the respective cards (IM or Calories) to your GC Dashboard, if they are not there already.

  • ... and if that is not enough, you can set a personal weekly, monthly, or yearly goal for "any activity" - you can set one of four criteria for that - time, distance, calories, or number of activities. Or you can also create several such goals. See the page https://connect.garmin.com/modern/goals/new for all the available option.