Direct entry of calories consumed? When does the MyFitnessPal "deal" end?

I am sure there is an exclusive deal with MyFitnessPal/UnderArmour to prevent Garmin allowing the direct entry of calories consumed.

Any ideas if/when this ends and Garmin might allow this? They've done it with Hydration, so why not calories.

Why? Because I hate having to find the brand of chicken I happen to be cooking and eating, or which brand of fruit juice I drink. I gave up on MFP years ago when all it seemed was a way of capturing data for advertisers. I know, to a reasonable accuracy, the calories I consume (too many, but that's a different issue) and I don't want to support personal data thieves.

  • Agree! I would much rather use a meal diary of my own choosing and manually enter my calories consumed into Garmin Connect.

    As for the possible (likely) exclusive deal, I'm not sure if its good or bad that UnderArmour recently sold off MyFitnessPal, but perhaps it's less likely that the deal is extended with a new owner.