Prevent MyFitnessPal from adding weight measurements?

Ever since I connected Garmin Connect to MyFitnessPal there are extra weight measurements added in Garmin Connect, multiple each day. My "real" weight measurement in Garmin Connect includes metrics for body composition such as body water and muscle mass, but these extra weight measurements contain only the weight, and the weight is always the same as the one that was previously recorded in Garmin Connect.

They usually appear in Garmin Connect right after I've visited or made changes in MyFitnessPal, so I'm pretty confident that it's MyFitnessPal who's responsible.

Can I somehow prevent MyFitnessPal from adding new weight measurements in Garmin Connect?

  • So it just happened again, I checked in Garmin Connect before I added anything in MyFitnessPal and there were only one measurement for today. I added my meal in MyFitnessPal and when I returned to Garmin Connect there were 8 (!) weight measurements for today.

    • The initial "real" measurement that is supposed to be there.
    • 4 weight measurements with timestamp 7 hours earlier than now using yesterday's weight from MyFitnessPal.
    • 3 additional measurements with a timestamp 1 hour earlier and with today's weight. 
  • It does not happen to me, and from your description I suspect the time zone setting is off one hour (or 7?) somewhere. One possibility is the Upload Time Zone in User Settings of Garmin Connect Web. Not sure whether there is a similar setting at MFP, so check that out too, if the one in GC does not help.

  • I've now tried to unlink and sign out from both services, and then sign in and linked them again. So far no duplicate weight entries since I did it, so fingers crossed!