Average speed Garmin Connect - Strava

My average speed from my cycling trip is higher on my Garmin Connect than it is on Strava.
i use an Edge Explore as gps and have a speed sensor.

Why is this different? Which one is correct? How can I correct this mistake? Is it possible that my speed sensor is wrongfully calibrated?
Thank you!

  • OK, so the average speed on Garmin Connect is all right. The discrepancy does not come from the speed sensor, hence the calibration is not the cause. The total time is 1:37:54 and at the total distance of 50.9 km, it gives the average of 31.195 km/h, rounded to one decimal place is exactly what GC shows - 31.2 km/h. The Moving Time is just 2 seconds shorter, so the result is practically identical (31.206 km/h rounded to one decimal gives also 31.2).

    Now the question is what distance and time is shown at Strava. Check that out, or post a link to the activity at Strava too. Did you activate the Distance Correction at Strava at this activity?

  • Thank you! I had the same findings as you. Where can i find the distance correction at strava? I don’t know if this is the problem because the distance is the same. 

  • I don’t know if this is the problem because the distance is the same.

    If the distance is the same, then what is the time shown at Strava? If it is the same and the average is different (when it does not match the Total Distance divided by the Total Time or by the Moving Time), then there is a problem at Strava, and you should contact their support, asking for the explanantion.

    The option Correct Distance is shown below, but if the distance is identical on both sides, it should not be the reason of the difference of the avg. speed.

  • Thanks for the help! The time on Strava is 1h40min, which causes the avg speed to be 30,5 kph. I have ko clue where this comes from Sweat smile i’ll contact strava

  • Hi, have you had any luck in solving this issue? Did you get proper feedback from Strava Support? Thanks!!