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Missing Marathon Badge


despite having ran a marathon I have not been awarded the badge. Can you please verify what the issue is?

Thank you and regards,


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  • Appears to be from 2016. The badges are not retroactive. In most cases you cannot receive the badge for activities completed before the creation of the badge. However, you might receive it if you do a slight edit of the activity. No guarantees. 

  • As seilogramp said, badges were introduced in 2018, so your 2016 did not qualify. But just edit the name of the activity, and you should get the badge.

  • Thank you for the advice but unfortunately it didn't work. I renamed the activity and saved it but the marathon badge was not awarded. Any other ides?

  • Export the TCX file and then import it again. If you get the badge for the imported activity then remove the old one.

    Tip: Export the original file (FIT file in this case) first so you can upload it if you make a mistake.

  • Thank you. I tried that as well but the badge has not been awarded. I guess I have to run another marathon...

  • I didn't test this on old activities - but every badge has a start date and some also has an end date (open badge details and scroll down), when you can earn it.

    This one is: Available since 3 Apr 2018, so if you didn't get the badge, then probably an activity must have date from this day. Maybe changing a date would work, but that doesn't make sense to mix activities dates, so, yes, the best is to run again.

  • This one is: Available since 3 Apr 2018, so if you didn't get the badge, then probably an activity must have date from this day.

    Incorrect. I have a marathon badge that is for a marathon I ran in 2012. All I had to do was edit the name slightly.

  • Ok, so it looks like there are visible dates and hidden dates which the website really use for badges.

    So somebody could only check if this still works for older activities. For current activities, for sure renaming works.

  • I checked and this badge still works for activities with date set to previous years.

    So, if there is a problem with this one activity file, then it's possible to record a new one and manually edit it to match previous one. This way someone can get that badge. But if this works, then probably it's also possible to fix original file somehow.

    I also checked that minimum date for an activity is 01/01/1970, if you set earlier date - then activity will bug, and can't be displayed. An activity with such ancient date, can be fixed only by manually entering edit link (.../manual/*ID*/edit) and setting more current date.