Do Tacx virtual rides count to Garmin challenges?

Say if I ride a VR stage, will it count for cycling km’s in the Garmin challenge?

  • Yes it does, all cycling activities including indoor are counted in the challenges

  • Better told, it depends. The indoor cycling is not a problem at most cycling badges, but there may be a problem if you do not record the activity with a Garmin device. Imported activites do not count for some badges, or it depends on their format. FIT files are safer, GPX and TCX files may work, if they contain all the necessary info, but some files from indoor bikes are not applicable. Not sure about Tacx.

  • I’ve tried it several times, and somehow they never count towards a cycling challenge at Garmin Connect. Really frustrating and sad, considering that the platforms are “siblings” now, and it shouldn’t be that hard anyways, is just a normal upload of a ride in compatible format. There’s something about those files that Connect doesn’t like, and doesn’t add them up to the challenge data. It’s a shame, I really like the films but it’s like they take away part of the experience not counting towards the challenges (at Connect).


    Is not like we’re asking for automatic upload or capturing of ride data from ones Tacx trainer straight into Garmin Connect (which troubles me how we do not have that yet as part of the platform experience...).

  • I use the Tacx application with a Tacx  Neo smart Trainer. I then export the TCX file from the Tacx training app into 'Garmin Connect' using that site's "upload or import activity" function.

    Garmin Connect recognises my Tacx workout for badges and every other measurement that I am interested in (although more customisation would be nice in what I can view on my dashboard), but it does not recognise the activity with the challenges, which (as said before) is frustrating.

    (That said for more frustration try and ask Tacx a support question, where you will be sent to Garmin who (in my experience) do not recognise Tacx in their support Q&A.)

    Recognition of Tacx activities in Garmin Connect should be a simple fix and will most likely be a software issue where the challenges only recognise Garmin data (becaue my Garmin Edge gets picked up in the challenges). Please fix this.

  • I did a workout with an old Kettler indoor-bike, which I recorded with my Forerunner watch and it has been considered for a challenge in Garmin Connect, dispite the fact that  the distance was added manually after the automatic upload of the activity, so I could have cheated.

    Recently I bought the Tacx Neo II and 2 workouts have been uploaded to GC, including the correct distance, but they are not considered for a challenge. This is unbelievable, considering that Tacx has been integrated by Garmin. Just frustrating .... Garmin should fix this! They messed enough this year with their client data security problem, so please do some effort.

  • ...and uploaded Tacx rides are not part of „Physio Trueup“ either...

  • I use Sufferfest and none of my rides count for the challenges. They also don’t count toward the intensity minutes. It’s really irritating actually. 

  • I use Sufferfest and none of my rides count for the challenges. They also don’t count toward the intensity minutes. It’s really irritating actually. 

    You have to record your activities with a Garmin device. They will then count towards badges and challenges, and you'll get your Intensity Minutes too. Better told, for the IM you do not even need to log the activity with the Garmin device as long as it has a HRM and supports the IM feature (practically all Garmin watches do, though devices like Edge or Tacx don't). It is sufficient to wear it during the exercise.

  • I know that, I was just saying its kind of annoying. I put in a lot of km on the bike trainer in the winter, it would just be nice if Garmin would count all it no matter how its recorded. 

  • I know that, I was just saying its kind of annoying

    If you know it, why don't you use the Garmin device when you use your bike trainer? The activities will be counted, and the IMs too.