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Why is profile picture so bad quality?

Hi there,

Just wondering why the picture profile is now so crappy quality?

I have a nice picture but when I upload it from both Garmin Connect web or app, it's then just soooo crappy. Went from a nice 2000x1500 (900ko) to a 298x298 (46ko) si I can't even recognise myself.

Tried multiple pictures, same bug. Is there some kind of new limitation here because I didn't have that problem before.


  • Yep, same here ! The 90's called, they want their pictures back !

  • Three years later and this is still an issue. I have a good quality PNG 512x512 that I use as a profile pic on WhatsApp, Signal etc. All looks fine. But on Garmin Connect App it looks terrible.

    Only way I have found to get a half decent profile image is resize to 256x256 in a real graphics program, and then upload via the Web Connect Dashboard NOT the Connect Mobile App.

  • Oh and when I change my profile picture it changes the privacy of my steps. WTF?

  • Even with resizing before uploading, the profile image is still pretty poor when viewed on both on the Garmin Connect Mobile App and the Garmin Connect web interface.

    If they haven't fixed something as basic as this after 3 years it is very unlikely to get fixed, or perhaps it is a "feature enhancement" to make custom profile images blocky now Grinning