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Garmin coach not recognizing completed workout

My plan had me scheduled to do a time trial today, it came up on my watch, I did the time trial, saved it, and synced, when I checked Garmin Coach the run was not showing.. The same thing had happened the previous day on my easy run. 

My watch shows the time trial completed and says "sync for the next workout' 

I have synced my Vivoactive 4s with Garmin app, and synced with Garmin express. Re started my phone and re-synced. Nothing has worked!

How can I get the completed time trial into the Garmin Coaching plan?

Please help, I have a race in October, so I don't have enough time to start another training plan!

  • I have had the very same problem with one of my runs on my Fenix 5. At this stage, I am only missing one run but I am not sure if this will recur and if it does, how it will affect the future workouts based on the belief that I missed workouts. They say it is adaptable so it may adapt the plan based on skipping workouts that were completed.

  • Same issue. Recognised by watch as complete. The workout is named as proper workout name when synced to Garmin Connect. But Garmin Coach don’t recognise the workou as complete. 

    Is Garmin monitoring these forums? Hope they find a solution soon. 

  • There is a solution that worked for me. Select the activity in Garmin Connect. Edit the Event Type, change it from what ever it is to something else and save. See if it appears on the Garmin Coach. If that works, you can change it back to whatever you choose. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

  • No, I’ve seen that in other posts and tried. Doesn’t work for me. 

  • No, I’ve seen that in other posts and tried. Doesn’t work for me. 

    Sorry to hear that. I had the problem only once and it worked for me.

  • I have experienced the exact same thing morning. It’s a pretty turn-off that you cannot progress to the next training Just because Some electronic bit 0/1 didn’t fall into place. Garmin should fix this somehow soon. I don’t know what to do next; solutions posted here to change activity type did not work for me. I would like to take advantage of the features my Forerunner seems to be having, but Garmin is actually giving me a hard time here instead of getting me somewhere, like Garmin promises in their advertising.

  • How does it cue the workout? Am I supposed to enter an activity? Or does it track speed/distance/HR etc to say complete? I did the workout yesterday, now it shows as a to do today.

  • I know this was posted several years ago, but I didn't see any responses which address the real issue. If you do a workout and you can see it on your watch, but for some reason it doesn't show up on your app. Ask this question before doing anything else. Does your Connect App on your phone have all the other data obtained from your watch? If the answer is yes, then the bluetooth connection, the pairing between watch and phone, and almost everything else is working fine. Don't try to fix what is working properly. You are only missing one .FIT file.

    Simple fix.

    I used a PC and android phone, so I can't speak to the iOS folks, let someone else try this technique with apple products.

    Open the Garmin Connect application on a computer browser and log in to your account.

    Use the USB charging cord for your Garmin watch, connect it to your PC and your watch. If it's the first time you have done this it will take about a minute for the PC to set up the connection with the device. You will receive a prompt telling you the watch is connected and ready for use.

    Now go to the Garmin Connect App on the PC browser and pull up "Activities", you will notice it looks just like the phone app and it will also be missing the activity from the watch. In the top right corner there is a spot marked "Import".

    This will open "File Explorer" (basically what you use to locate files on your PC hard drive, in the cloud, or a connected device).

    Go to the file location marked GARMIN (E:). I have two hard drives (C and D) so anything connected will show up as E. If I added another device at the same time the next one would be F.

    Open the "Activity" folder where you will find your ".FIT" files on your watch. Now select the missing file from the watch and import it to the Connect application. There are a lot of these files, but they all have date and time stamps (YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.FIT) on them so you have to know when you did the activity.

    After the import go back to "Activities" on the Connect App on the PC browser. You will now see the imported activity with the missing data from the watch in the app.

    Next time you go to your phone and sync with the server it will also show the missing run. The Garmin Coach will also see this activity as well and mark it as completed to make adjustments to future training.

    Good Luck