Training course are not synced

Dear all,

from the beginning I have noticed that traning course are behaving wrongly.

At the start upload of the course has been working radomly. I thought it's some specific to garmin,

but when I wanted to go for a run for new month I didn't have it on my device. After some troubles I had manage to get them.

2 months later after this problem I have decided to go to more advance course. But this time no matter what I do, workouts are not on my device.

What is imporant I have my workouts in my calendar.

I had tried to:

* connect and sync multiple times with mobile app

* connect with Windows app and sync multiple times

* reset device to default settings and reconnect with mobile and Windows

* delete course and create new one

* delete files from workout folder manualy and sync

I don't have option to send  workouts from calendar (I read about this option in threads from 4 years ago, but I don't have such)

How to upload course to my device?