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Request - Two Factor Authentication for Garmin Connect (web app)

I know it's been a few months but I wanted to request that Garmin adds 2FA to Connect, especially for web app.

With the watches now having SO MUCH personal data, home location, etc - it would be great to have a tad bit more piece of mind knowing that data is more secure than a simple password.

  • Any update on this thread? I completely agree that MFA is a must for Garmin user account. Any other active threads this question was answered?

  • This is a user forum, and we cannot help you with that. You can request a new feature directy at Garmin, though:

  • No updates...other than Garmin saying we can request features. But it's crazy that's considered a feature request - it should be a mandatory privacy protection step for all apps and sites that have location data

  • This is an absolute must, particularly after Garmin were recently targeted by a cyber attack.

  • It's essential nowadays. Even more for an app that have your home address. I hope garmin implement this feature soon.

  • yeah, its strange that it's not something they prioritized. In today's world, any app that has any personal information should have to use 2fa of some sort. 

  • Beyond belief that this is not available, especially in light of Garmin being targeted by hackers

  • It ought to be a compulsory security insurance venture for all applications and locales that have area information

  • Hi,

    I believe that security and privacy is a big concern to a majority of the garmin clients/users. I also believe that due to recent incidents, this should also be for Garmin (as a company). 

    I've read other posts about MFA/2FA but they simply 'fade out' with time and, personally, I don't think that we're requesting a lot: 2FA have been around for a while and are in use for several companies it's not a brand new or innovative solution. On the contrary: it's well established and already part of the workflow (even for the non-advanced/tech/geek users).

    Is there any opinion/effort/position/idea from Garmin about the possibility to adopt extra security as MFA/2FA for the garmin's web app?

    Thanks in advance,


  • I second this. Recently purchased a Venu 2 and couldn't believe there wasn't a 2FA available for my account that is syncing a TON of personally identifiable information about me. This shouldn't be a requested feature from users, it should already be a requirement from Garmin in order to create an account.