Garmin Connect - Heart rate timeline missing

I am experiencing the following problem with my FR945 on iOS. This morning I woke up and went for a run with my watch and had my HR recorded - it shows up for the entire duration in the run details.

However I noticed that on the HR timeline in Garmin connect (both on iOS & web) the heart rate details are missing for the time I was running - attached is a screenshot.

The FR is running software 4.40. This has hapenned to me once during the last week as well - I was not doing a workout but had random HR data missing for a period of 2 hous even though I was wearing my watch.

I also noticed that the steps are missing from the detailed overview. Even though I see a total steps of 17,600 I do not see the exact steps split per hour of the day.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?


  • Basically there are three possibilities:

    1. The storage (or the FIT file storing the HR data and the steps data) is dammaged or full. Try deleting old activities from the folder //GARMIN/Activity, to see whether it helps, or contact the user  for the help with the FIT file repair.
    2. The synchronisation does not work (the white circle around the watch symbol never closes) - in that case follow the tips in the Sync / Connection Troubleshooting Guide 

    3. When the synchronisation works (the white sync circle closes and turns green), but not all the data is appearing in your account, then it very probably means that your device is associated with multiple accounts, and a part of the data lands in the other account. It frequently happens for example when you reinstall the application, and inadvertently sign up a new account instead of signing into the original one. Follow the instructions from the support document Data is Missing from My Garmin Account After Syncing to resolve the issue.