Garmin Connect Segments

Is the segment functionality ever going to improve? Right now it's terrible. There is a huge opportunity to pick up Strava users with Strava's new pricing scheme, but Connect's Segments are all but unusable.

The system never scans for new segments on old activities, 1/4 of the time they don't even get detected on the activity they are created from. Even manually scanning isn't 100% successful at adding segments to an older ride.

The activity granularity is terrible. It's like Garmin throws away 3/4 of the GPS points when creating a segment, so I have to select in 300 ft sections, even though I have my device set to 1 sec recording. On things like roundabouts I lose the whole loop on the segment, when the activity map shows points all along the roundabout.

And occasionally when I create a segment the start and stop points move after I click save.

Garmin, if you fix this I will delete my Strava account and move completely to Garmin Connect.

  • Garmin, if you fix this I will delete my Strava account and move completely to Garmin Connect.

    And how do you think Garmin would profit from it, when Garmin Connect is a free application, while Strava pays license fees to Garmin for the use of their API? In fact, commercially taken, for Garmin it is more interesting to keep Segments in GC unusable, pushing so more users onto Strava and profiting so from it a bit.

    Otherwise, I agree that Segments on GC are far from being perfect, and need a serious rehaul. I am afraid though that it won't happen any soon. In contrary, with the latest changes I saw serious deterioration of the Segments functionality. I.e. when I re-check old Activities, existing segments are often removed, Segment results now sometimes include even Activities in the reverse sense, and they include also Activities not matching the track of the Segment at all; Running Segments contain Cycling Activities, which was always an issue with incorrectly categorized activities, but recently it happens even if the Activity is truly the "Cycling" type. I have concrete examples demonstrating all of those issues, and sent the evidence to the Support, but frankly told, I doubt it will be addressed, unless there are hundreds or thousands of other people asking the Support the same.

  • I'm in the same position and am trying to get to the bottom of using Garmin Segments, but I think trux has hit the nail on the head in that Strava and Garmin are partners. I wouldn't have a problem with Garmin making their segments practically unusable if they told you why either segments don't appear on activities after creating them, and they seem to be orphaned segments in many cases, and randomly appear and disappear from both the app and the desktop version. I think this is just a basic feature that isn't used that much by anyone wanting to do any analysis (as it doesn't work). Even when hitting the Match New Segments text it just doesn't seem to do this as for ones I know other people have done them it just hasn't found their runs. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I think our hunt for somewhere else to get this analysis will have to begin, as this is just unusable. This is actually making me think I won't buy a Garmin for the next GPS watch I get. It's not that they might be doing this because of a conflict of interests and not wanting to compete with Strava, it's that they haven't made this clear. Garmin do have the upper hand in this relationship though I would think, as without all the data coming from Garmin then Strava would have to rely on getting their data from elsewhere, so I'm not sure that I buy that Strava paying Garmin for what seems access to their API doesn't necessarily mean that they effectively get paid by Strava not to develop their Segments. I might see if Courses might work better, but I don't think they are meant to be used in the same way.