How do I batch export all of my historical data, not just one activity at a time?

I'd like to batch export everything, sleep, pulse ox, respiration, resting HR, max HR, time in HR zones, etc......  Then in future export all data from each day.  All I can find is how to export one activity at a time.

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  • The below directions no longer seem valid...

    Why do you think so? The page tells:

    "Files typically take about 48 hours to prepare but, depending on the number of requests being processed and the amount of data associated with your profile, could take up to 30 days."

    Or did you already try it more than 30 days ago?

    How does one export all of their data to a spreadsheet?

    Not sure how you'd like to put all the diverse data from your account on a single spreadsheet, since each type of data is in a completely different format and a different structure.

    However, if you want to keep local copy of all the data from the device, simply make a full backup of the storage of the watch (over USB), and set up a daily incremental backup saving each day all new or modified files.

    And if you wish just a list of all your activities, export it as a CSV file from Garmin Connect Web. If you wish the detailed data of every activity (and do not want to use the previously mentioned backup of the watch), then you can export any activity in a number of file formats (FIT, GPX, TCX, CSV). For a bulk export of all activites, check out some tips for example in this thread