Segments are not showing in garming connect

Garmin Connect are not showing segments. 

It's available any solución or workaround?

There are Sync Forerunner 735xt and Edge 520 plus.


  • Do you mean that you cannot view any public segments on the map when looking on the page Training » Segments of GC Web, or do you have problems with available segments not being assigned to a specific activity? In the second case, do you refer to Strava or Garmin segments?

    In case of Garmin Segments, please note that the tolerance for assigning segments changed a few weeks ago, and is now slightly stricter than earlier. It means if all individual keypoints of the original segment and  of your activity track do not match well each other, the segment will not be assigned. I do not know the exact tolerance deviation, but it currently seems to be something around 20m - 30m of maximal difference.

  • I have same problem.

    What I noticed : even if My Edge 530 records position every second, when the activity is uploaded to garmin connect, it seems they keep 1 point every 5s (maybe to minimize activity size and save server capacity).

    But with one point every 5s, the accuracy is not enough to fit the segment requirements.

    Result : On 100kms activity, I get only 1 identified segment.

    Please Garmin do something to correct that point.

  • Please Garmin do something to correct that point.

    You better send you comments to Garmin Support, it won't be heard by them here on the user forum. And if they get no feedback, there won't be any change.

  • The issue I have is similar. I have had a Garmin segment on my 1030 for two years. The segment works perfectly but since about six months ago, the segment results are no longer transferred to Garmin Connect. The 1030 shows all the data from the segment. What could cause the failure to upload?