Does someone work on the android application a training tracker?

The Android application a training tracker has become an open source project.

Does someone work on it s development?

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  • Does someone work on it s development?

    Never heard about someone here on the forum claiming to work on it, but you can contact the author (rainerblind) directly on GitHub

  • I  was in contact with Rainer Blind. It is  possible to write a review for a training tracker in the Google Play Store

    And it is possible to add feature requests or bug reports here on github. Simply add an issue on

  • What is the relation to Garmin Connect? Sounds like a completely off-topic post. Feel free to post the issues to GitHub, if you wish.

  • For my personally, a training tracker is very attractive, since it can directly record to csv format. This is to my knowledge the only Android Application for a Garmin watch which can do this.

    This App is underestimated an should be discussed here in the Garmin Forum.

    I had a problem with a training tracker, when I used multiple sensors. Every time I tried to pair a new sensor, I had to hard reset the whole Smartphone to this.

    Now, I make another trial with a Polar H7 chest strap, and to use only this sensor.

    Did someone else here in the Garmin Forum have this problem with a training tracker?

  • Having seen the ton of your other unsucessfiul threads trying to promote the Training Tracker here on the forum (and on other platforms), I feel obliged to inform you that you clearly violate the Terms of Use of this forum. Namely the selected paragraphs shown below:

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  • Where did I promote a training tracker? My posts are in the range of other posts in the Garmin forum with links to non Garmin products. There are lots of them. Who did inactivate my Garmin forum account with the user name “Peter Gamma”? And what was the reason for this? @Trux. I can’t follow your arguments.

  • I also contacted the Garmin support concerning this subject. The Garmin support says, Garmin is generally relaxed about links to non Garmin products. Trux, your interpretation of the terms and conditions of the Garmin forum is disproportionate.