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Connect not showing 'step type' after upload

I believe this may have been raised before but I can't find an an answer to the issue.  I create a custom workout and send it to my FR945.  When I download to Garmin connect app I see step types correctly and see the option to filter by step type.

My friends created the exact same workout and used a FR245 downloaded the workout.  For him it does not add the interval type, so he is unable to filter by type.

Does anyone know why he is unable to see workout types?

  • My post was moved to this forum by an admin :-)

  • BTW, ask him how he exactly accessed the screen - whether it was from the MyDay screen, through the Menu » Activities » date » Activity, or though the News Feed. On Android, I get always the same screen, but it may behave differently on iPhone, and for example it would not surprise me, if accessing your own activity through News Feed showed the public view of the activity, instead of the default view.

  • Hi, did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am having the same issue. I’m on Forerunner 235. I can edit the workout manually after upload to add in the step types but they do not automatically upload like that (other friends do) even though I’ve set up the Workout beforehand with those step types